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First off, let's congratulate the Boston Bruins for making it as far as they did. There weren't many out there who thought the B's would get to game five, let alone game seven. The fact of the matter is the Bruins have returned to the forefront in the Boston sports radar; unfortunately, the season is over. I personally will be keeping a close eye on what the team does in the offseason. I think they will make some moves that will make the team competitive; the question is, how much money will owner Jeremy Jacobs be willing to pour into the team. My guess is not much. Tim Thomas, while he made some spectacular saves, is not a championship goaltender. He is a servicable netminder, but he is not the caliber of goaltender that will get Boston a needed playoff series victory. I think that with a couple of tenders in the system -- Alex Auld, Tuuka Rask, naming two -- they will split the time between the pipes next season. The Bruins also need a couple of enforcers: Zdeno Chara didn't drop the gloves enough, and the team needs to not be scared of mixing it up in the slot. Too many times during this series with Montreal, the Habs' defense was unthreatened in the slot as it guarded Price. No one came and cleared the trash. I do think that with a healthy Patrice Bergeron, this team can score more goals. Milan Lucic is Cam Neely-in-waiting. Marco Sturm and Phil Kessel are going to be stars in the NHL. Aaron Ward could be a consistent player with another year under his belt.

OK, enough hockey talk. Back to the book.

We hit the 50,000-word plateau this morning, completing Ch. 10 in the process. We are currently sitting at 50,437 after I ripped through 1,417 words of prose. Krampel and Fluffy Cheeks have completed their survey of the area, and now it is time to begin the battle plans at the Lily Pad Kingdom.

What is next is Krampel will put together a secondary plan that may need a little help from the wizards. That will come up in Ch. 11 along with the battle plan.

I figure that the next chapter will be a five-to-seven thousand-word chapter. I've gotten a good 4,300 words out of some of what remains of my original brainstorm, with quite a bit still remaining. This is what we call creativity and quick thinking. I'm also going back into the existing novels to make sure I'm going along with the flow of the story, while some of it is eventually going to be retconned. I had explained that in prior blogs.

Basically, Fluffy Cheeks' memories of meeting Krampel are his own memories, or what he thinks are his memories: after all, the events of Obloeron: The Fall Of Myrindar are some 50 years in the future to what I'm writing now. Details that are altered for the story's sake do not necessarily have to stay the same for continuity's sake. There may be a detail or two that changes to fit this new story and can be explained a different way when newer stories posed in the future are written. I am not worried about that. It makes creativity worth it.




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