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Cleaning out the writing closet

I've been rather quiet on the blogging front lately. Of course, I've been on a blog tour, hitting several different book blogs, getting the word out about MODEL AGENT, which is quickly turning into my best-received book of the eight novels I have out now. More on the eighth book in a bit.

Last weekend, I started doing some serious edits to the remaining two Obloeron prequels. Of course, Estee was finishing up the first. I managed to get the next two books edited for voice, the second one sent to Estee for a full edit after she sent me the first, and with the exception of ROGUE AGENT and ROYAL SWITCH, I can declare my editing backlog cleaned out. I'm still awaiting beta reader notes on ROYAL SWITCH, but there's no rush on those.

To me, that means I can get ready to start working on new projects.

I start brainstorming Vam Yankees tomorrow.


In the past few weeks I've also written a couple of short stories, including a horror short story that will be featured in an anthology this November, as well as a baseball flash fiction (500 words) story that will appear on Karen Wojcik Berner's Bibliophilic Blather blog on April 8, which is Opening Day at Fenway Park.

And last but not least... drum roll, please... THE RISE OF THE DARK FALCON, the first Obloeron prequel, is now live on both Kindle and Nook! It's published under the name Sean Sweeney, not John Fitch V. Keep that in mind.

Until next time, happy reading.


A Christmas note to all....

Hi ho (ho ho ho!) there, and welcome to yet another edition -- a Christmas edition, at that -- of Crossing Swords. I'm John, your host. Please, save your applause until the end.

Over the next few hours, people across the country will open a Kindle or a Nook or an iPad from underneath the tree. These are great gifts, and hopefully those proud recipients will add a John Fitch V title to them straight away. It would be a great Christmas present to yours truly. Just saying.

It's simple from a Kindle: Just turn the wireless on, register your device, and start downloading books. It's the same for Kindle for iPad. I don't know how to do it for Nook just yet.


Since tonight is Christmas Eve, it'll be the seventh since dad's been gone, and the first since grandpa joined him a week ago. We always got together at our house and had Chinese food along with opening presents from my grandparents, and before my teen years ended, presents from my great aunt.

I'll continue the Chinese food tradition once again, and for the second straight year, I'll hold a 10-hour, solo Christmas Eve Movie Marathon, all on DVD.

Here's the slate:

3:30 p.m.: Order/pick up food.
4:00 p.m.: The Charlie Brown Christmas special/It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown/I want a dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown
6:15ish p.m.: Emmett Otter's Jug-band Christmas
7:15ish p.m.: A Year Without A Santa Claus
8:15ish p.m.: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey version)
10:15-10:33 intermission
10:33 p.m.: A Christmas Carol (Alastair Sim version)
12:00 a.m.: The Ref

It is my sincere hope that everyone who has read my blog here in 2010 have been entertained. I hope you'll return in 2011.

Until next time, Merry Christmas!


Not impressed with Nook Color

My friend Lauren recently convinced me to check out Nook Color. She knows I'm a Kindle-phile, knowing that I talk highly about Amazon's eReader to anyone and everyone. She had checked out the Nook Color on Friday and loved it, especially the text-to-speech option for children's books. I decided to take her dare on Sunday. I went to my local Barnes & Noble and checked it out.

Let's just say I'm not overly impressed by it.

First off, it's heavy. Too heavy, in fact. Its near-pound heft nearly doubles that of Kindle's 8.7-ounce weight.

Secondly, I'm not a touch-screen person. I decided against a BlackBerry Torch when I went phone shopping a month ago simply because it's a touch-screen product. You can also guess I wouldn't be caught dead with an iPhone or an iPod Touch, either. And forget iPad. The touch-screen, in my opinion, is not that easy to use.

Third, the battery life is horrid: the demonstrator told me its an 8-hour battery. For a voracious reader like myself, who would rather read than watch TV for entertainment, this is not good. Kindle's battery (one month with wireless off) is far superior.

The color does nothing for me. Color is good for magazines and children's books. Seeing as though I don't read magazines nor children's books, color isn't an option for me.

Simply put, I'll stick with Kindle, thank you.

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