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Finished with first draft and other musings

It's been two weeks since my last post, so let's get on with some good news.

On Tuesday evening, I finished the first draft of A Drop To Drink, my debut thriller set for a September 2011 release. I plan on releasing this novel under the name S.M. Sweeney, so please, don't think it's someone else. 

I'm truly happy that the first draft is finally done and dusted. After everything I went through during the course of the first draft, I'm surprised I finished when I did. Now I have to go into Rogue Agent, its sequel, and make a few changes with regard to continuity. I plan on doing that tomorrow.

On Friday, I gave Royal Switch, my second baseball novel, its penultimate read and edit. It's a much stronger book now than it was three months ago, the last time I read it. It's off to a proofreader now, and I have a late May/early June 2011 release slated for that book. The next step is to figure out what to do for a cover.


As for the first Obloeron prequel, I don't think it will come out for quite a while. If anyone's at fault for that, it's me. I read the first few chapters on Wednesday. I looked through it back in July 2010, and at the time, I thought it was good to go. However, after not looking at that version for six months, I must say that it really needs a lot of work. Lady Estee continues to pound away at it in between her busy schedule, so I'm sure it's turning into a much better novel than it was when I sent it to her. With it not coming out for a while, I don't have to look at the second Obloeron prequel just yet. The delay in Rise of the Dark Falcon's release has knocked The Shadow Looms down on the priority scale.

So what's next on my docket? A little project I like to call Pawston, something I hope to have a little fun with. It's different than anything else I've written. That should keep me occupied until it's time to go through and edit A Drop To Drink in a couple of weeks' time.

And there's a new release coming very soon. Stay tuned.

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