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A few new shorts and a great deal

I've added to the JFV catalog in the past couple of days, mainly in the form of short stories.

On Wednesday, I uploaded a fantastic horror short entitled SIDETRACKED. This short deals with a young man who, as the story opens, is in the process of getting his cat, Sweetums, into her cat carrier for a trip to the vet. But one swipe of her paw later, Sweetums is off to the races -- and off to the woods where her owner found his parents dead. What happens in those woods, only the story will tell.

Yesterday, I uploaded AMBER TWILIGHT, a sci-fi short in the same vein as The Twilight Zone. Of course, there are nods to Star Wars and Star Trek... and the ending is worth double the price of the short. The description: Billy Bunton's way home is mired in a rain storm. Following an exhaustion-induced nap, he finds brilliant light filling his home. He discovers that he's no longer in his hometown -- he's the only human left! Billy is soon greeted by alien visitors -- or is he the alien? -- who wish to experiment on him. But when Muffy, his Labrador Retriever, doesn't come to help him.....

Both of those shorts are .99 cents and are available at the links below.

Another short came out this weekend as part of the BUMP IN THE NIGHT Halloween 2010 Anthology from Bucks County Publishing. VUVUZOMBIE takes place during the USA/England World Cup match this past June 12. Peter Savile, a fan of England, hears the unnatural sound of the vuvuzela, turning him into a zombie. Under the orders of a South African shaman, he flies to the United States to wreak havoc.

The entire anthology, which comprises six stories from five authors including myself, is $3.49 on Kindle.

And in novel news, the next Obloeron novel, THE RISE OF THE DARK FALCON, is almost ready. It's almost ready for it to be unleashed. That's why for the next month, until November 10, THE OBLOERON TRILOGY is 50 percent off through Smashwords.com. Use coupon code SS62D at check out, and you'll receive the three books-in-one for $2.49. This is a great deal for those looking for a deal.

So you know: the trade paperback price is at $22.45, while the version on Kindle is $3.89. You can still download to your Kindle using your USB cord through Smashwords. Follow the directions on the FAQ page, and all is well.


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