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Hello all in JFV Land! Just Johnny here with a couple of updates for you on this overcast Wednesday morning here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

* First, I want to update you on the progress on the release of OBLOERON: THE RISE OF THE DARK FALCON.

(Hears crickets chirping.)

That was quick. Moving on.

* We're nine-plus days into NaNoWriMo 2010, and I'm a little south of 17,000 words into A DROP TO DRINK. The story is coming along well, and I'm pleased with my progress so far. I've churned out in the vicinity of 2,500 words a day the last three days, and the word flow is coming at a remarkably steady clip. Yesterday I had six straight hours of writing time at my local Starbucks, and I made use of my time. My writing time took me into Ch. 7, and hopefully I can come close to finishing Ch. 7 today. If not, there's always tomorrow.

I don't feel the need to rush, as I've said before. I'm currently a day ahead on the "race" to 50,000 words, and if I keep this pace up, I'll cross the 50,000-word mark well before November 30 with plenty of hours to spare.

* Currently reading R.A. Salvatore's GAUTLGRYM. Don't know how I feel about it, and I usually don't say that about Bob's work.

* I've checked the prices of my eBooks on Amazon Kindle, and I wanted to update the prices for you, just in case you've been interested in my work but didn't want to pay $2.99. Anyway... the current prices are as follows, and you can follow the Amazon Author Central page link below to purchase them.

Turning Back The Clock: Listed $2.99, on sale on Kindle for $2.39. It should also be noted that TBTC has a 50 percent discount on Smashwords until November 19; use coupon code KU34T and receive the book for $1.49.

The Obloeron Trilogy: Listed $4.99, on sale on Kindle for $3.89. It should also be noted that TOT has a 50 percent discount on Smashwords that ends today, Wednesday, November 10, so hurry over to Smashwords. Use coupon code SS62D and receive the book for $2.49.

A Galaxy At War: Listed $2.99, on sale on Kindle for $2.39.

One Hero, A Savior: I recently lowered the price of this book from $2.99 to $1.99.

I'm also a part of two anthologies: The BUMP IN THE NIGHT 2010 Halloween anthology (nothing wrong with being scared in November) as well as fellow fantasy author David Dalglish's A LAND OF ASH, which is on sale for .99 cents on Kindle. I'm joined by David as well as David McAfee, Daniel Arenson, Michael Crane and Robert Duperre.

Keep in mind that even if you have a Kindle, you can still download books on Smashwords with your USB cord (don't throw the thing away!). Enjoy your Wednesday, and I'll be back soon.

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Happy anniversary, TBTC!

Anyone want cake?

This weekend marks the one-year anniversary of TURNING BACK THE CLOCK's release. If you've followed the JFV blog, you know all about the book: The story of two Red Sox fans who go back in time to stop the sale of Babe Ruth to the Yankees, as well as the Black Sox Scandal. Yes, you know all this. Those of you new to the book, you can download the first three-plus chapters for free on Kindle via the sample. Smashwords also has 5 percent for free. Digital reading, I tell you.

The past year has been full of great moments revolving around this book, including the readers who have commented positively and have told their friends about it. Those who have talked about it have contributed to the book's success. Those that have plugged TBTC on their blogs, on their Facebook and Twitter pages, and even on their Goodreads accounts, they have contributed to the book's success. Of course, I can't forget the great edit job my girlfriend Estee-Noel put in.

I can't say enough how much I appreciate all of that.

Here's to the second year of TBTC. May it continue bringing enjoyment to baseball fans everywhere.

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History in TBTC could repeat itself

Everyone and their grandmother know I'm not a fan of the New York Yankees. After all, I was born in Massachusetts and have lived here all my life, which means I'm a die-hard Red Sox fan.

But with the Yankees now trailing Texas 3-1 in the 2010 American League Championship Series, it does look bleak for the Bronx Bombers, doesn't it?

Yep. You're nodding along.

I think otherwise.

I offer you this snippet from TURNING BACK THE CLOCK, which I wrote four years ago (and will celebrate the first anniversary of its release next weekend; I also have a 50 percent off sale on the ebook version at Smashwords with coupon code KU34T... ebook will be $1.49). It takes place during game seven of the 2003 ALCS:

In this big game, things started out well for Greg and his buddies: the Red Sox jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the top of the second inning after Nixon homered to right field and Jason Varitek scored on an error. Two innings later, Kevin Millar made it 4-0 with a leadoff solo home run. By that point, Greg was high-fiving his friends and the people around him — Boston had a comfortable lead, and it looked like it would be smooth sailing.

But this was the Yankees, and no one in that bar counted them out.

In the bottom of the fifth, Jason Giambi led off the inning by teeing off on a Martinez fastball to cut the lead to 4-1. Two innings later, Giambi did it again, this time with two outs. Pedro then allowed an infield single and then a single to right, and by that point, fingers began to cross throughout the bar. Some put their hands together and brought them up to their faces, their lips barely touching their index fingers. They were deep in prayer, hoping that Pedro would get out of the jam.

Minutes later, they all began to exhale, as Martinez struck Soriano out. Greg led the clapping parade as Pedro walked off the mound toward the Boston dugout. He pointed to the sky, and everyone clapped even louder.

“Yes! We’re going to the World Series!” Tony said. “It’s about time, and our drought will come to an end.”

“Don’t get ahead of ourselves,” Greg cautioned before taking a small sip of beer. “We still have two innings to play.”

Tony looked at Greg askance, as if he couldn’t believe what he had heard.

“Are you kidding? We have them on the ropes!”

After another sip, Greg looked at him and asked, “Do you trust this bullpen?”

Tony grimaced. He knew Greg was right about that Red Sox bullpen; they couldn’t be counted on. The Boston bullpen had been a teeter-totter all season, and in what could be the pivotal game of the season, Greg certainly didn’t seem to want to rely on them.

Of course, the Yankees came back to win that game and broke Boston's hearts. I shall now proceed to bang myself over the head with a dull spade.

What does TBTC have to do with this year's series? It means you can't count the Yankees out of any situation.
It may be 3-1, but when the two teams take the field for a playoff matinee Wednesday (Seriously? Matinee baseball in October? Since when?), I expect the Yankees to close the gap and send the series back to Texas.

And no, Lady Estee did not make me write this. Just sharing my thoughts and a little history with you.

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A few new shorts and a great deal

I've added to the JFV catalog in the past couple of days, mainly in the form of short stories.

On Wednesday, I uploaded a fantastic horror short entitled SIDETRACKED. This short deals with a young man who, as the story opens, is in the process of getting his cat, Sweetums, into her cat carrier for a trip to the vet. But one swipe of her paw later, Sweetums is off to the races -- and off to the woods where her owner found his parents dead. What happens in those woods, only the story will tell.

Yesterday, I uploaded AMBER TWILIGHT, a sci-fi short in the same vein as The Twilight Zone. Of course, there are nods to Star Wars and Star Trek... and the ending is worth double the price of the short. The description: Billy Bunton's way home is mired in a rain storm. Following an exhaustion-induced nap, he finds brilliant light filling his home. He discovers that he's no longer in his hometown -- he's the only human left! Billy is soon greeted by alien visitors -- or is he the alien? -- who wish to experiment on him. But when Muffy, his Labrador Retriever, doesn't come to help him.....

Both of those shorts are .99 cents and are available at the links below.

Another short came out this weekend as part of the BUMP IN THE NIGHT Halloween 2010 Anthology from Bucks County Publishing. VUVUZOMBIE takes place during the USA/England World Cup match this past June 12. Peter Savile, a fan of England, hears the unnatural sound of the vuvuzela, turning him into a zombie. Under the orders of a South African shaman, he flies to the United States to wreak havoc.

The entire anthology, which comprises six stories from five authors including myself, is $3.49 on Kindle.

And in novel news, the next Obloeron novel, THE RISE OF THE DARK FALCON, is almost ready. It's almost ready for it to be unleashed. That's why for the next month, until November 10, THE OBLOERON TRILOGY is 50 percent off through Smashwords.com. Use coupon code SS62D at check out, and you'll receive the three books-in-one for $2.49. This is a great deal for those looking for a deal.

So you know: the trade paperback price is at $22.45, while the version on Kindle is $3.89. You can still download to your Kindle using your USB cord through Smashwords. Follow the directions on the FAQ page, and all is well.


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Psst. C'mere. I've got something to tell you. Some people may not want to hear it, but I'm going to tell it to you any way, and I'm going to whisper it so I don't cause chaos and unruly behavior in the streets.

(Lowering voice to a conspiratorial whisper...)

Print books are dying. In fact, some are dinosaurs, roasting in the LaBrea Tar Pits of bookstores everywhere.

(Dishes crash, buildings tumble. Somewhere, someone screams bloody murder.)

And here I was trying to keep this a secret!

Actually, it isn't much of a secret. With the rise of Amazon Kindle over the past 33 months, ink and paper books have been put on notice: your time is running out. With the rise of ePublishing, authors are finding readers, and vice versa, without the need for the vicious gatekeepers who say they can't find an audience for a particular book.

Quick aside -- Case in point: I was talking with my friend David McAfee, who told me that one publisher wouldn't be able to find an audience for his book, 33 A.D., due to the time period his book is set in. Apparently, they were wrong: 33 A.D. has sold about 1,000 copies or so on Kindle, and that number continues to grow. My books continue to sell on Kindle. Loving it.

This whole post comes about as Dorchester Publishing has announced it is leaving the realm of mass market paperback publishing and is going eBook and POD only. While they are reading the tea leaves and seeing that eBooks are the now of reading and not just the future, it only shows that printed books are currently in their death throes, and nothing -- I repeat, NOTHING -- can stop the inevitable from happening.

J.A. Konrath, through his spies in the publishing world, reported that paperbacks are currently experiencing 20 percent sell-through; i.e. out of every 10 books printed, two are selling.

That's not good news for those authors who have print contracts. And while Joe continues his post with not-too-hard-to-believe hypotheticals, it isn't hard to read between the lines here, either.

eBooks and ePublishing is the way to go.

I currently ePublish. My books are print on demand and are available as eBooks, all on servers. Every time a customer orders a POD book, it's printed, bound, and shipped to the customer. Every time a customer orders one of my eBooks, whether through Amazon Kindle or through Smashwords, the book is sent through their Internet line or through their wireless network.

The point: unlike traditionally published novels, waiting in a bookstore and trying to reach out at customers to give their authors somewhere close to that 20 percent sell-through, my books receive 100 percent sell-through.

Let me pause here and let that sink in a bit.


Yes, you read that correctly. One hundred percent.

ePublishing is the way to go. It takes hard work to succeed, but I am more than willing to do the work in order to prove to the masses that eBooks and ePublishing is here to stay. People just need to clean their ears out and wipe the sleep from their eyes.

Facts are facts. The truth is out there.

It's time to believe.

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Every so often, an author has to do something radical in order to boost sales and interest in his/her books. Usually that means free giveaways (like I did in late November-early December 2009 with signed copies of TURNING BACK THE CLOCK) or other ways to get the book out to the people. It's a win-win situation for both the author and the reader.

We're going to do something like that right now.

As an incentive for buying one of my books, we're going to do a give away. How about a drawing for $25 Amazon.com gift card?

It can be a Kindle copy of ONE HERO, A SAVIOR or OBLOERON: THE QUEST FOR THE CHALICE, available on Kindle for a mere 99 cents.

It can be a Smashwords edition of TURNING BACK THE CLOCK.

It can be an ink and paper version of my books, like THE OBLOERON TRILOGY.

(Note: You'll be quick to see that the Kindle and Smashwords editions -- the digital editions -- are less expensive than the ink and paper versions. In essence, you can win a $25 gift card for only spending 99 cents, if you buy the digital edition of OHAS or QFTC, or up to $24.95 for the trilogy's ink and paper version. And remember: there are no shipping costs for digital.)

In other words, it can be any one of my books, in any format.

It can be purchased from Amazon, from the US, Canada or UK sites. It can be purchased from Barnes & Noble (A GALAXY AT WAR is still available at B&N for $10.76). Borders. Books A Million. Any site that sells my books are within bounds.

All you have to do is e-mail me a copy of your receipt dated between the dates of the contest, which starts now and ends at 5 p.m. on Sunday, July 4, 2010. If you bought more than one book, it's another entry (i.e. If you buy TBTC and GALAXY in the same order, it's two entries). This is a great opportunity to pick up a few books for Christmas, birthdays, or just yourself for beach reading. It's also a great opportunity for those who have thought about buying my books but balked because of the trade paperback prices: You could possibly get something else in return along with a great read.

We'll draw the winner at 6 p.m. on Sunday, July 4, 2010, and I'll send you, via e-mail, your Amazon gift card to do whatever you want with it (they never expire).

It will be a happy Independence Day for someone -- and for me, too.


Still deciding whether or not to raise the cost of A GALAXY AT WAR's digital price from $1.99 to $2.99 as of July 1. This would be a good time to get the book, wouldn't it?

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