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A plea for tagging help

I'm asking for help as I open this blog post.

Not many people understand the tagging process on Amazon.com. The tags' intention is to show items of relevance when a customer does a search on Amazon, and hopefully prompting impulse buys. Sometimes, tags of irrelevance pop up.

Unfortunately for this author, many irrelevant tags have popped up on my books, which I believe have hampered sales. For example, Turning Back The Clock, my baseball time travel novel, is supposedly an alien invasion story with vampires. Sorry, but no.

I have a good idea how this has happened; I won't go into it in depth, but I believe it's because some people consider authors who pimp their own work to be spammers, and they think by putting irrelevant tags on my books, they'll curb my sales. Bully for them, childish as they are. They'll get theirs.

Simply put, I'm looking for help in fixing the tags on my books. The tags I have put on them are the proper tags, and I'd appreciate it greatly if you would tag the books on Amazon. It is my hope that if enough people tag the books properly, sales will go up.

Here are my books and the proper tags that should be attributed with them.

Turning Back The Clock: baseball history, boston red sox, black sox scandal, kindle, science fiction, time travel, the babe, back to the future, kindleboards authors, kindle book, babe ruth, kindle authors, red sox

A Galaxy At War: The tags are proper

The Obloeron Trilogy: kindle, fantasy series, fantasy adventure, swords, orcs, dwarves, wizards, forgotten realms, tolkien

One Hero, A Savior: All of the tags are proper, except tragedy. Add Christianity.

Sidetracked: Horror, short stories

Amber Twilight: All of the tags are proper

Vuvuzombie: All of the tags are correct, but you can add england national team, us men's national soccer team, nfl, new england revolution, philadelphia union

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