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For my first blog post of 2011, I want to talk about freedom of choice. We all have it. The choices we make form the basis of our lives.

It also works with reading: Which book should I read today? can be a regular occurrence in one's life. Should I read David Dalglish or should I read David McAfee? Should I read Daniel Arenson or should I read Michael Crane? Jason Letts or Robert DuPerre? Amanda Hocking or Imogen Rose?

(Quick aside: If you're not reading any of those above authors, you really should be.)

As we enter the new year, I'm giving you, the reader, a choice for one of your next reads: Either buy The Mastermind, my thriller novella, or download it for free. It's your choice.

Author J.A. Konrath did this in May of last year with a book of short stories he put out. He put the two links side by side; one to buy the ebook, one to download it for free. I'm doing this today, and as of right now, I don't care how long this lasts. I just want everyone with an eReader to enjoy The Mastermind, whether or not they buy it.

Of course, the only place you can buy The Mastermind is on Amazon Kindle. It's not available for purchase anywhere else.

If you have a Nook, a Sony Reader, a Kobo, etc., go ahead and download The Mastermind at Smashwords (the link is below). And if you feel you should buy a book of mine because you're getting one for free, go ahead and pick up either Sidetracked or Amber Twilight (they're 99 cents each, the same price as The Mastermind). I wouldn't be offended in the least.

So here we go:

The Pay For It link on Amazon Kindle
The Download It For Free link on Smashwords

Happy New Year!

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